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Scott has been drawing and painting all of his life. In 1989, along with his Professional Tennis Teaching Career, Scott was passionate about developing as an Artist. For most of the 1990’s Scott was primarily a Studio artist using Photo Reference to create his work. He sought out local artists to get direction in drawing and painting and began working to learn the basics of both.

In 2003 during a trip to Laguna Beach, California, Scott was introduced to Plein air Painting which means painting outdoors under natural light. This way of painting brought on a new understanding and approach to painting.

After painting on location for 6 years, Scott decided he needed further development in understanding how to capture the effects of natural light and being inspired by the impressionist movement he was introduced to the teaching approach of Charles Webster Hawthorne and Henry Henshce, founders of The Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Mass.

In 2010 Scott Began studying under former Cape School Artist, Camille Przewodek, John Ebersberger, and Rob Longly who studied under Master Impressionist Artist Henry Hensche, a student of Charles Webster Hawthorne who started the Cape School of Art in Provincetown Massachusetts in the Mid 1930’s. Being Introduced to the Hawthorne-Hensche tradition of painting Scott Continues to study and paint the effects of light called the “Key of Light” which a subject matter is seen under.

Along with painting, Scott enjoys passing along his passion for drawing and painting by teaching drawing workshops through The Forest Hills Enrichment program, The Ada arts Council, Pickle Street School Studio, and the Rogue River Artist Association.